Roof Replacements in Harford County You Can Depend On

As a local Maryland-based business, Garner Roofing knows the high-quality work and customer service our Harford County clients deserve. Whether you are located in Bel Air, Forest Hill, Fallston, Abingdon or a surrounding area of Harford County, choose Garner Roofing for all of your roof replacement needs.

With Garner Roofing, you get a free estimate on your roof replacement along with exceptional customer service to ensure your project goes smoothly. From specific estimate appointment times — not two-hour windows like other contractors give you — to a variety of financing options and extended warranties, you’ll find Garner Roofing goes above and beyond for you. With our team of ShingleMaster-Certified specialists, you can rest assured your roof is being replaced by experienced, knowledgeable and highly trained roofers.

Your Roof Replacement Options

Garner Roofing is proud to provide a wide range of roofing systems. Get the roof you want professionally installed at a competitive price.

  • Asphalt Shingles are the most common type of residential roofing material today. Constructed from a fiberglass mat, asphalt is fused to the material, which is then coated with colored granules to provide UV protection.
  • Slate has been used as a roofing material for centuries. Made from quarried stone that has been cut into smooth, flat sheets, slate comes in a variety of types, colors and sizes.
  • Synthetic Slate, while appearing like natural slate, is lighter and more durable. At a fraction of the price of natural slate, synthetic slate is a cost-effective choice for roof replacements.
  • Metal Roofing offers a number of benefits that makes it an increasingly popular choice for roof replacements. It is extremely durable, saves energy and has a low lifecycle cost.
  • Modified Bitumen, also known as Modified Asphalt, is ideal on low-slope roofs where asphalt shingles are not effective.
  • EPDM, also designed for low-slope areas of a roof, is a high-performance single-ply membrane. In addition to being resistant to ozone and UV light exposure, it is also resistant to tears, impacts and punctures.
  • TPO, a high-quality thermoplastic, is flexible and weather-resistant like rubber yet offers the superior performance of hot-air welded thermoplastic seams.

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We also offer expert siding repair and gutter repair services in the Harford County area.