Roof Replacement

Roof Remodeling 101: Other Factors to Consider

Last week, in our first installment of Roof Remodeling 101, we covered how to find both the right roofing contractor and the highest quality roofing products. This week, we are going to address the next step in the remodeling process, including obtaining permits, re-roofing, debris disposal, roof ventilation, and shingle underlayment. Obtaining a Permit: While […]

The Benefits of Roof Replacement from Garner Roofing, Your Baltimore Roofer

Spring has finally sprung. As we mentioned several weeks back, this means spring cleaning season is upon us. This is also the perfect time to inspect your roof for any signs of damage, such as ceiling stains, missing or damage shingles, damaged flashing, and more. After all, winter can wreak havoc on a roof. If […]

Baltimore Roof Replacement Tips: Installing New Shingles Is Not a DIY Job

In today’s technologically advanced society, more and more homeowners are choosing to take on home improvement tasks they would have outsourced to professionals in the past. Why? Well, nowadays, there is a “How to” video for just about everything on the Internet, from how to fix a leaky pipe to how to replace shingles. However, […]

Certanteed Integrity Roof System :: Roof Replacement & Repair in Maryland

A quality roofing system is stronger than the sum of its parts, with the underlayments, shingles, accessory products, and ventilation all working together. This is what CertainTeed has accomplished with the Integrity Roof System. Designed for optimum performance, the Integrity Roof System combines underlayment, accessory products, and quality CertainTeed shingles to provide you with a […]

Roof Remodeling 101: Finding a Roof Contractor & Selecting Roof Products

Not only do countless homeowners fail to properly maintain their roofs, many completely ignore them altogether…that is until they start leaking. When this happens, it may be too late to save it. So what are you options? Ignore the problem as your roof slowly degrades. Roof remodeling / re-roofing When it comes to roof remodeling, […]

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Garner Roofing and Certainteed Siding

Few home improvements deliver the impact and value of new vinyl siding. It transforms an old dated home into a beautiful place to live that your neighbors will envy. It also adds significant resale value and increases energy efficiency. But with so many siding companies out there, how do you choose the one that best […]

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